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Temperature control system

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  Huayi industrial furnaceusupplies Control Panels for local or remote operations. Control Panels can be supplied with integrated PLC, ignition system, control logic and alarm signal. Control Panels are delivered prewired, tested at our facilities and also include ignition logic and all the required system alarms.

  Each Control Panel includes all internal logic sequence elements and controls such as timers, flame failure relays, power source, voltage regulation, control transformer, membrane swicth panel, ect. All Panels are designed using the safety guidelines of NFPA-86 “National Fire Protection Association” in its last edition.

  Using the Control Panel the process operator will be able to have full control over the system. Some of the functions he will be able to perform are:

  Individual ignition for each burner

  Flame failure detection

  Automatic reset for flame relays

  Display of each flame relay in order to identify failure modes using an LCD display

  Detection of proper performance limits


  Start up sequence.

  RAL color code.

  Operation according to the highest quality and safety standards.

  Visual and sound alarm.

  Control panel with PID or PLC option.

  Compliance with the latest NFPA-86 norm.

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